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Boost your restaurant operations with these 12" heavy-duty stainless steel utility tongs.

12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utility Tongs

  • Made of durable 20 gauge stainless steel with tempered, flat steel springs, these 12" utility tongs are an appealing yet dependable addition to your next catered event or buffet line. While its concave utility grip and scalloped edge allow for easier handling of food in all applications, its convenient locking mechanism helps free up storage space for other supplies. Perfect for enhancing the ease and efficiency of your service, these tongs enable you to provide guests with a sanitary and simple way to add your menu offerings to their plate!

    • Made 20 gauge stainless steel
    • Locking mechanism conserves space
    • Scallop grip makes it easy to grasp food
    • Features tempered, flat steel springs
    • Offers durability and longevity under everyday use
    • Great for front-of-house serving or cooking applications
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