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Package up your hot sandwiches and subs for purchase with these 12" x 16" insulated foil wrap sheets!

12" x 16" Insulated Foil Sandwich Wrap Sheets - 1000/Case

  • These 12" x 16" unprinted insulated foil sandwich wrap sheets are perfect for wrapping hot food items in your restaurant, cafe, concession stand, snack bar, or food truck! Laminated with paper, these cushion foil sheets lock in heat, keeping everything from hot sandwiches, burritos, and subs to juicy hamburgers and baked potatoes hot and ready to eat!

    • Convenient pre-cut sheets with an unprinted design
    • Silver insulated foil retains heat and resists grease
    • Honeycomb cushion foil for product protection
    • Great for grab-and-go applications
    • Ideally sized for burgers, breakfast burritos, and subs
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