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This Boar Bristle Pastry/Basting Brush is a great addition to any kitchen producing pastries or basting meats

Boar Bristle Pastry/Basting Brush

  • This beautiful, wooden-handled pastry / basting brush can be used for coating fluffy, fresh baked pastries with butter, egg wash, or water. You can also use it to baste meats over a grill. The gleaming lacquered hardwood handle and brown nylon ferrules give your kitchen a professional and high quality feeling, while the boar bristles are durable, water resistant, and snugly secure.

    • High absorbency boar bristles retain and spread thin liquids more efficiently than nylon or silicone
    • Bristles are durable, water resistant, and secured in ferrules to prevent shedding
    • Lacquered hardwood handle with hanging loop and brown nylon ferrules
    • Ideal for coating fluffy, fresh-baked pastries
    • Great for delicate tasks
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