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Keep your foodservice operation organized with this gray 4-compartment polyethylene cutlery box with handles.

4-Compartment Plastic Cutlery Box / Flatware Bin with Handles

SKU: 21554345682
  • This dependable cutlery box is perfect for use in your busy restaurant, cafe, or cafeteria, and can be used to store flatware or condiments while keeping all these items together in one convenient place so that employees know exactly where to find the items they need during mealtime rushes. This cutlery box can also be used to bus, dispense, or transport flatware or condiments within your establishment.

    • 4 separate compartments make it easy to sort and organize contents
    • Great for bussing, storing, dispensing, and transporting flatware or condiments
    • Offers molded-in handles for easy lifting and transport
    • Durable construction with ribbed supports withstands rough handling and heavy loads
    • Small footprint takes up less countertop space
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