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Store your freshly cleaned fruits and vegetables out of the residual water with this one/sixth-size acrylic drain shelf!

Acrylic Drain Shelf Sixth Size- 8636

  • Featuring a traditional clear color, this drain shelf makes a seamless addition to restaurants, pizzerias, and even catered events. The finger notch allows you to place it in the bottom of your existing 1/6 size food pan with ease and after that, you're done! The sturdy feet elevate the shelf from the bottom of your pan, keeping product out of juices to preserve freshness and food quality.

    • Drain shelf preserves foods' freshness by elevating it out of liquids
    • Can withstand temperatures from -40 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Allows room for easy drainage
    • Sturdy feet support contents
    • Made of durable polycarbonate that won't crack, bend, or dent
    • Traditional clear construction
    • Designed to prevent food acid and oil buildup
    • Easy to clean and maintain
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