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Garner complete control of the baking process with the lightweight 10" pizza screen.

Aluminum Pizza Screen 10", 12", 14" and 16"

  • The mesh design allows for superior air flow that transfers heat evenly, which speeds up the baking process and directly contacts the crust, resulting in a perfectly crispy dough. For complete autonomy over the cook, merely utilize the screen to implement that accelerated performance or remove it to slow down the cooking process, increasing operational efficiency. Sporting a durable aluminum construction, you can expect this screen to endure frequent use in a commercial kitchen, while simultaneously offering excellent heat conduction. In addition to adding structural strength, the seamless rim eliminates bent or rough edges, boosting safer handling.

    • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction
    • Mesh design allows for better circulation and air flow, creating crispy crusts
    • Promotes transfer of heat to speed up the baking process, increasing operational efficiency
    • Built for high volume use establishments at an economical cost
    • Perfect for pizzerias, sandwich shops, and restaurants
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