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Prepare mixed drinks quickly and efficiently with this short free flow black liquor pourer with a collar.

Bar Liquor Pourers Black 12/pack

  •  The 20 mm cork size fits standard 750 mL liquor bottles, making this the perfect choice for any establishment. Made of crack-resistant plastic, this liquor pourer is durable and able to stand up to the daily wears and tears of commercial use. It has a long spout with a free flow pouring mechanism that allows for quick and precise pouring, which reduces spillage and minimizes waste to keep your bar clean and sanitary, even when you're making drinks quickly.

    • Fits standard 750 mL liquor bottles
    • Made of crack-resistant plastic for durability
    • Color-coded spout makes organization easy
    • Long spout allows for accurate pouring and minimizes waste
    • Collar attaches securely to the bottle to provide stability while pouring
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