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Make the process of preparing meats effortless using this carving / pot fork!

Carving Fork Wooden Handle forged 13.5"

  • No matter what types of dishes you serve your guests, this carving / pot fork is sure to be a valuable addition to your collection of kitchen tools. Use this versatile utensil to stabilize meats for cutting, to turn items that are cooking in an oven, or to reach into pots to turn or stir meats that are being boiled. In addition to being a useful back-of-house tool, this utensil is also perfect for your guests to use at a self-serve buffet or carving station.

    • Sharp, durable Japanese stainless steel tines easily pierce food
    • Natural hardwood handle is comfortable to use
    • Handle is reinforced with compression rivets to increase stability and prevent damage
    • Ideal for buffets and carving stations
    • Holds meats securely for carving, making the process simple and effortless
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