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Spin and dry salad in this Choice Prep 5 gallon salad spinner to enhance the quality and presentation of your delicious salads.

Choice Prep 5 Gallon Salad Spinner / Dryer

SKU: 21554345718
  • Wet, soggy salad is not only unappealing, but it causes salad dressings to run off of leaves. This may frustrate customers and make them use more dressing to enjoy the flavor, costing your business more money. This 5 gallon salad spinner / dryer quickly removes excess water with each spin of the handle, ensuring that your salads greens are dry while providing a surface for salad dressing to cling.

    • Holds 5-6 heads of lettuce at once
    • Sturdy plastic construction
    • Easy to use, manual operation
    • Removes excess water for better portion control and savings
    • Easy-to-grip handle
    • Attached hose drains excess water and prevents re-soaking
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