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This Garde heavy-duty #10 American-made can opener with a stainless steel base is perfect for daily use.

Garde Heavy-Duty Manual Can Opener with Stainless Steel Base

SKU: 21554345678
  • It opens a variety of cans, making this item a versatile kitchen essential. As an emerging name in food prep, this Garde can opener brings you high quality at an incredible price point. Perfect for opening cans of everything from peaches to spinach, this can opener is ideal for any commercial kitchen.

    • Heavy-duty blade and gear set opens 4,000 cans before replacement is needed
    • Can open 4-6 cans per minute, 50 cans per day
    • Features nickel-coated cast iron to prevent rusting
    • Opens cans of all sizes, including #10 cans
    • Includes stainless steel base to mount to countertop
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