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Accessing your side dishes and desserts is effortless with this 1/2 size solid steam table/hotel pan cover!

Half Size Stainless Steel Solid Steam Table / Hotel Pan Cover

SKU: 21554345695
C$12.00 Regular Price
C$10.80Sale Price
  • Made to fit any standard, half size chafer pan, this stainless steel cover serves both functionally and aesthetically. It's a great replacement option if your original cover is damaged or missing. Make sure you have steam table covers on hand so you can keep your foods enclosed, hot, and protected from unwanted contaminants.

    • Made of polished, stainless steel
    • Assists in maintaining food's hot temperature
    • Available in a range of sizes
    • Fits any half size steam table pan
    • Ideal for buffet steam tables and catered parties
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