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Keep hands cool, comfortable, and safe with these silicone-coated oven/freezer mitts.

Silicone-Coated Oven / Freezer Mitts 32cm/40cm

  • Designed to keep your kitchen staff safe from accidental burns or injuries, these oven mitts provide protection from exposure to an oven's high temperatures and also to a freezer's cold temperatures. Use these versatile mitts to handle culinary creations like freshly baked pies, cooked casseroles, and steamed vegetables, or frozen boxes of ingredients, meats, and prepared meals, all with incredible ease.

    • Great for hot or cold applications
    • Withstands intermittent temperatures up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit
    • 100% cotton material with non-stick silicone coating is comfortable to wear and easy to clean
    • Attached loop allows mitts to hang for convenient storage
    • One-size-fits most and ambidextrous style
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